The Data Centre (in Melbourne) was chosen after recognising the value of their CISSP security classifications and their full redundancy provision, including:

POWER: Dual Energy Australia feeds to an on site substation with multiple fail systems for instantaneous changeover to local power supplies (5 diesel generators - 2 of which are used for redundancy only). These are tested every month.

INTERNET: 4 Tier 1 internet connections offering a minimum of 155Mbps (over 1Gbps total capacity), wired through redundant network switches, designed in the event of a failure to cut over within 26 seconds. These are tested in a real world environment once a month

ON SITE NETWORK OPERATIONS: 24/7 operations ensures fully qualified engineers are always monitoring the status of the servers.

SECURITY: a 24/7 armed security team, entry to authorised personnel only, 150 cameras and weight sensing biometric entry portals.

BACKUP: Data is also backed up at the Data Centre onto its own dedicated storage network which is itself backed up off site weekly. Should you keep a local copy of your backup as well, that's a possible 4 layers of protection. And the more copies there are of your data, the more chance you have of a full recovery should the worst happen.

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