In some cases, (bigger businesses), Wayne O’Connor may determine it’ll be cheaper for you if, on his initial visit, he instigates a backup to an external drive on site.

In such a case, a return visit will be required the next day for validation and pick up of the data. There’s no fee from Bonza for this service.

Your data will be securely sent to the data centre for transfer to the cloud by a Specialist Engineer. You’ll be charged a fee ($170.50) directly by the Data Centre on your first monthly invoice.

Finally, Wayne will login to your system remotely via the internet to trigger commencement of your automatic backup to the cloud. Again, there’s no fee from Bonza for this service.

And you can forget about backups.

All this sounds expensive? It’s not.

If you’d like Bonza to call you to schedule a visit by Wayne O’Connor, please Click HERE.