Bonza’s trained Backup Specialist Engineer, Wayne O’Connor, will visit you to assess the volume of data you need backed up and the rate at which that data is changed.

We will now be able to tell you what it’ll cost.

That’s why we’re unable to clearly state prices on this website. Don’t let a fear that this will be expensive turn you away.

You’ll be very pleasantly surprised by how little the cost is.

Please understand we do not do free quotes, so, if you decide not to proceed, our minimum fee of $140 for Wayne’s visit is payable.

In some cases, Wayne will be able to backup all your data to the cloud on-the-spot.

He’ll be able to schedule automatic backups to run at whatever times you want.

These are “incremental” backups – only data changed since the last backup is backed up.

It’s a process which, in some cases, can take merely minutes.

Automatic backups occur in the background without you having to pause from what you’re doing or take any other action.

If your system is off at a time scheduled for a backup, that backup will automatically occur the next time the system is on.

You pay the monthly fee for the service directly to the Data Centre.


Now, all you need to do is forget about backups.

All this sounds expensive? It’s not.

If you’d like Bonza to call you to schedule a visit by Wayne O’Connor, please Click HERE.

If yours is a bigger business, please continue…