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Anthony Williams

Brisbane residents Mr and Mrs Anthony Williams, 42 Stuart Street, Eastern Heights – are founders and have been sole proprietors of Bonza since July, 2000 (Australian Business Number 21 191 482 288, Queensland Registered Business Number BN196 779 59).

Anthony Williams, General Manager and Ros Garavaglia’s husband and partner in the business, is a country boy.

He was born in Forbes, NSW and, at age 10, was packed off to a private boarding school, St. Joseph’s College, in Sydney for his high schooling.

He won The R. G. Menzies Scholarship – A scholarship awarded to one student in Australia every four years, based on I. Q., by the (now) estate of the late Prime Minister Robert Menzies.

He returned to Forbes and studied law in the family practice before becoming a disc jockey. Specializing in The Breakfast Show, he rose to jobs on Australia’s number one station, 2UE in Sydney and, at the time, Melbourne’s number one station, 3KZ.

Later, as a journalist, he worked as a television news reporter and as Producer of The Today Show News on Australia’s number one national TV network TCN 9.

With Ros, he founded in 2000, in 2004, in 2009
and in 2011.

Over the years, Anthony has done a lot of international travel, particularly to the US which he has visited over 30 times. He’s also been to Europe and Asia many times.

Ros Garavaglia

Ros Garavaglia

Ros was born in Perth, WA, but spent most of her youth in Melbourne, Victoria.

She became a travel addict and spent 8 years back packing around the world – Mostly in Europe, North Africa and Asia before settling down to work in the travel industry.

Prior to entering into the I. T. industry, she ran her own highly successful art studio for 12 years before teaming up with Anthony to start Bonza.

Her Specialties are:

  • Web design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Marketing and Management
  • Blog Implementation

Wayne O’Connor is Bonza’s Specialist Backup Engineer.

Known to all existing customers, Wayne O’Connor is Bonza’s longest serving tech and, as the partner of Ros’ daughter Elisa, is part of the family.

Wayne started working with computers (after school) while he was still a student and has never done any other work than I. T

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